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SRA Redevelopment

SRA Development is a new construction on a site that is pre occupied by Slum Dwellers. Slums are demolished and the clear land is used to construct new buildings to accommodate Slum Dwellers back and also new homes are made for sale.
Slum development helps Transform Slum Dwellers lives by giving them new homes with modern amenities. It also helps in beautifying the city upgrade its society.

SRA Redevelopment Process


Need for SRA Redevelopment

Lack of Proper Livable Conditions in Slums
Unhygienic environment / No Toilets, Drainage in Slums
Lack of Privacy & basic amenities
Get your Own Address – Every Slum Dwellers dream to welcome Home friends and Family

Why Modispaces

In SRA development, there are many legal steps necessary prior to Commencement of Construction work. There are many hurdles like –

  • Existence of Old Non-performing Developer / Landlord
  • Lack of proper Documents with Members and Society
  • Misunderstanding & Confusion created during the Legal Process
  • Fear of Loosing their Homes amongst members

All these issues have to be dealt with systematically, which is work of a Professional Developer with Resources, Dedication & Experienced Team.

We at Modispaces, having completed over 56 Projects, have a Full Time Dedicated SRA Team to do ground work, always Directly Available on site to answer individual members query & solve their problems. Our team, together with Members support is determined to achieve our PM’s goal of providing housing to all.

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