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Modispaces is a family run company, which is an integral factor differentiating us from any other firm. At Modispaces, the chain of command is handled by 10 direct family members, ensuring consistency and integrity at every level. Each vertical within the company is headed by an experienced senior family member, who is assisted by two next generation members, thus making it possible for us to handle diverse projects efficiently. Also, the direct supervision by self-motivated family members allows us to stringently control the work quality, resulting in less reliance on employees and contractors.

All in all, at Modispaces we have an excellent mix of the old and the new. There is the advantage of new generation speed and modern ideation, with able support from the knowledge and wisdom of our experienced seniors.

Business Development, Legal, Planning and Liasoning

Chairman and moreover, the pioneer who laid the foundation stone of the Modi Group in 1971, he actively monitors all activities at Modispaces. A fountain of knowledge and wisdom, he personally sees to it that the ideals of the company are always adhered to and that we never compromise on our promise of delivering the best. His eye for detail and in-depth understanding of the business have been integral to our success and continued growth.
Mr. Shyamsunder Modi, Chairman of Modi Group
Mr. Varun Modi the newest member who joined the Modi Group in the year 2017 after successfully completing Bsc in Banking and Insurance Management from Mithibai College. He administers all Legal and day to day operations of Our SRA Redevelopment project.
Mr. Varun Modi, Administers all Legal and day to day Operations of Our SRA Redevelopment projects
A versatile member of Modi Group and Director of Modispaces, Mr Anand Modi joined us in 2003 as Business development Head in Legal, Planning and Liasoning after completing his Master's in Business Administration from S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai and Executive Education from Harvard Business School Boston, USA. He is directly involved in the day-to-day legalities of the business and ensures that best practices are followed at every turn.
Mr. Anand Modi, Heads Business Development, Legal, Planning and Liasoning

Sales, Marketing & PR

As Director of Business Development at Modispaces, Mr. Keshav Modi joined the group in 2011. He has successfully completed B.Sc. Business Administration from NMIMS University, Mumbai, and M.Sc. Finance from University of Reading, UK, along with a Master’s in Business Administration from S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai. He heads the sales arm of the company and is a number-cruncher and a marketing whiz kid to the boot.
Mr. Keshav Modi, Heads Marketing & Sales Activities
Well-versed in Sales and Marketing, Rahul Modi joined the Modi Group in the year 2012. He has successfully completed his B.Sc. in Business Administration from the prestigious Kingston University, UK, and pursued Masters in Business Administration from S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai. He’s actively involved in day-to-day transactional activities of the company, and personally handles the process of creating revenues and cost models for our various projects.
Mr. Rahul Modi, Manages all Marketing & Sales Related Activities

Construction and Project Management

Mr. Vinit Modi is the head of Project Management and has been part of the group since 2003. He completed his M.Sc. in Computer Science from University of Southern California post completing his B.E. Electronics from D.J. Sanghvi (Mumbai University). His planning and team management skills ensure that we at Modispaces are always on track with our ventures and achieve goals and objectives with aplomb.
Mr. Vinit Modi, Head of Project Management
Mr. Sunil Modi joined the group in 1979 as a manager of all construction activities (civil work) for Modispaces. He has successfully completed his B.E. Civil from D.J. Sanghvi (Mumbai University). One of the senior most members of the team, his industry awareness and business acumen is something we all bow down to. The insights he brings to the table make our ventures more creatively fulfilling.
Mr. Sunil Modi, Manages all construction activities (Civil work)
Mr. Prem Kumar Modi has been the head of the construction department for Modispaces since 1987 and well-versed and respected in his field. With almost three decades of experience under his hard hat, he is a formidable presence and an essential part of all our projects. His extensive knowledge of oft-used practices and new trends in the industry helps us immensely in creating spaces that our customers love.
Mr. Prem Kumar Modi, Head of Construction

Finance and Accounting

An expert of Accounts and Finance at Modi Group, Mr. Ghanshyam Modi joined the company in 1987. He is a Director at Modispaces Real-Estate Pvt. Ltd. and Head of Accounts and Finance. He pursued his B.E. Mechanical from the prestigious University. His meticulous nature, diligence and conscientious manner of working is an invaluable addition to our business.
Mr. Ghanshyam Modi, Head of Accounts and Finance
An alumnus of NMIMS University, Mumbai and S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai, Mr. Gautam Modi joined the group in 2012 as Head of Procurement and Stock Management. He brings aboard his unique vision, management practices and innovative approach to his department and Modispaces as a whole.
Mr. Gautam Modi, Head of Procurement and Stock Management at Modispaces