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About Us

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Since its inception in 1971, Modispaces has created spaces that have taken care of the smallest needs of our clients. Backed by a strong legacy that spans over four & a half decades, Modispaces is now managed by fourth generation entrepreneurs who have carved a niche for themselves in the world of real estate.

Combining the concepts of excellence, quality and self-financing, fused with our fresh new perspective of environmentally conscious spatial design, makes for a highly effective combination which enables us to successfully deliver one of the best real estate services in the country.

Modispaces has already delivered over 56 residential & commercial projects. The company is currently developing over 2 Lakh Sq.ft. of prime real estate with another 10 Lakh Sq.ft. in the works.

Why Us:

  • Four & half decades of trust shown by clients & associates
  • Self-Finance and debt free company
  • On-Time Delivery. Every time
  • Personalized service by a family member for every project
  • Assured solutions to your every problem

Mission & Vision

Modispaces Mission Statement

“Modispaces aspires to provide upscale, yet affordable, good quality housing apartments to Indian families in Mumbai, which is both convenient and meets specific family needs.”

 Modispaces Vision Statement

At Modispaces, we understand that buying a house is a nuanced decision. We pay attention to specific needs of our customers like your son’s desire to move into a 2-BHK home post marriage, and living in proximity to the workplace as well as the kids’ school. Since we are a family-run organisation, we are conscious of the intricacies of finding good family homes, and we aim to provide good quality housing, which benefits the customer first and foremost, and thus profits the organization in the long run.


We have a strong pool of expert and professional associates who we partner with to bring you the best service including Design Architects, Liasoning Architects, Lawyers and various other Consultants. Read More

Track Record

Name Area Type Start Date Completion Date Months for Completion
Modispaces Amazon Borivali (W) 7 Storey Redevelopment 3/27/2017 11/2/2018 19
Modispaces Ankur Malad (W) 19 Storey Redevelopment 02/08/2013 12/22/2014 22
Modispaces Montreal Malad (W) 22 Storey Redevelopment 05/18/2013 09/01/2015 28
Modispaces Pearly Shell Kandivali (W) 18 Storey Redevelopment 12/20/2013 04/30/2016 28
Modispaces Indus Borivali (W) 7 Storey Redevelopment 07/20/2015 02/10/2017 19
Modispaces Oyster Malad (W) 8 Storey Redevelopment 06/30/2016 10/13/2017 15.5
Modispaces Doyle Malad (W) 7 Storey Redevelopment 06/13/2016 04/27/2018 23.5
Modispaces Tashkent Borivali (W) 18 Storey Redevelopment 03/22/2016 01/10/2019 33.3